What’s The State Bird of Missouri?

The state bird of Missouri is the Eastern Bluebird. Let’s explore what you want to know about these beuatiful birds.

Key facts:

  • The Eastern Bluebird is Missouri’s state bird.
  • The Eastern Bluebird is scientifically known as Sialia sialis.

Why is the Eastern Bluebird Missouri’s state bird?

The Eastern Bluebird spends the early spring to late fall in Missouri. In some parts of the state, residents enjoy the presence of these bluebirds yearround.

The bluebird’s cheerful presence and melodious song make it a beloved symbol of hope and renewal for Missourians, creating a strong connection between the bird and the state’s cultural identity.

When did the Eastern Bluebird become Missouri’s state bird?

The Eastern Bluebird officially became Missouri’s state bird in 1927. It’s a beautiful bird that thrives Missouri. But the bird’s range extends beyond state lines.

Eastern Bluebird: Physical Features

The male Eastern Bluebird showcases a brilliant royal blue plumage on its back, wings, and tail, complemented by a warm rust-colored throat and breast. The striking contrast of these hues renders the male bluebird a visually arresting spectacle, making it a cherished sight for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts.

In contrast, the female Eastern Bluebird exhibits a subtler but equally elegant appearance, featuring a more muted combination of soft blue and gray tones. Both genders share a distinguishing white underbelly, contributing to their overall charm. Furthermore, their slender, slightly curved beaks are well-adapted for capturing insects, a primary component of their diet.

Eastern Bluebird: Habits

These birds are often found in open woodlands, meadows, and along rural roadsides, displaying a preference for habitats that offer a mix of perching spots and open areas for hunting insects. Their adept flying skills and distinctive hovering behavior make them efficient hunters, as they spot and catch insects mid-air, contributing to natural pest control in Missouri’s ecosystems.

Eastern Bluebird: Range

The Eastern Bluebird has an expansive range across North America. These avian residents are prevalent throughout the eastern half of the continent, extending from southern Canada down to the Gulf of Mexico.

Their migratory patterns vary, with some individuals opting to stay in Missouri year-round, while others migrate to warmer regions during the winter months.

Eastern Bluebird: Mating

During the breeding season, typically in early spring, male bluebirds actively engage in courtship rituals to attract potential mates. Employing an array of vibrant plumage and animated displays, the males showcase their vitality and genetic fitness. Their iconic warbling songs reverberate through the air as they seek to establish their presence and woo prospective female partners.

Once a pair has formed, the collaborative effort in nest-building becomes a focal point of their mating behavior. Both male and female Eastern Bluebirds participate in constructing a well-crafted nest, often within tree cavities or specially designed nest boxes. This cooperative endeavor strengthens the bond between mates and establishes a foundation for successful reproduction. The female then lays a clutch of eggs, and both partners take turns incubating them.

Eastern Bluebird: Diet

The diet of the Eastern Bluebird revolves around a preference for insects and other small invertebrates. These adept hunters are skilled at capturing prey mid-air, showcasing remarkable agility and precision during flight. Insects such as beetles, caterpillars, grasshoppers, and spiders constitute the primary menu for Eastern Bluebirds, reflecting their vital role in natural pest control in Missouri’s ecosystems.

State bird of Missouri: Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions about the state bird of Missouri. We have answers.

What is the Missouri state bird and flower?

The Missouri state bird is the Eastern Bluebird, and the Missouri state flower is the Hawthorn (Crataegus punctata).

What is the Missouri state animal?

The state animal of Missouri is the Missouri Mule.